All your messages and folders are synced between your email client (such as Outlook / Apple Mail etc.), and your mail server is synced on an IMAP server. When you use IMAP mail, your emails are stored on the mail server and your computer/phone. IMAP acts as a great backup measure if your computer fails. IMAP is also great if you want to sync your email with multiple devices, but the drawback is that it will quickly eat into your server storage space.

To resolve issues with 'Full Mail' and avoid hitting server limits, add extra storage space to your account or delete or archive your existing emails.

Firstly if you wish to upgrade your email storage space so more emails can be stored on the server, we charge an add-on rate of £2.50 per month per extra 1000MB (1GB). This must be paid annually. However, if you do not wish to upgrade, you can either: Delete some of your old emails in all your IMAP folders, especially the larger ones. Tip: Sort your messages by size to easily detect which takes up the most space.


Archive some of your older mail on your PC. However, moving them to another folder on your IMAP server won't win back any space. To resolve this, you must move emails to a folder on your local machine. Most email clients will allow you to drag and drop emails from your IMAP folders to a local folder.

Or finally...

Switch your email from IMAP to POP. POP mail allows your emails to be downloaded from the server and stored locally. Once emails have been downloaded, they are removed from the server. With POP mail, you can also set the server to keep your emails on the server for specific days.

If you are a DigitalFlare customer with a query about your email storage or want to add more space, please email us. We charge an hourly rate if you would like the DigitalFlare team to set up your email remotely using TeamViewer.