At DigitalFlare Ltd, we prioritise the security and performance of the websites we build and host for our clients. To ensure that your online presence remains robust and up-to-date, we will conduct a comprehensive review of all client websites hosted on our platform over the next 6-8 months.

This review aims to verify that your website is fully compatible with PHP 8.1, the latest version of the PHP programming language. PHP 8.1 brings numerous enhancements and performance improvements, ensuring a more secure and efficient experience for you and your website visitors.

During the review process, our team of experts will thoroughly examine your website's functionality and assess its compatibility with PHP 8.1. We will specifically look for any instances where your website fails to run correctly or displays PHP warnings. We aim to proactively identify and address any potential issues to maintain the highest performance and security standards.

If our review identifies any areas where your website does not meet the requirements of PHP 8.1, we will contact you to discuss the necessary steps for resolution. This may involve upgrading specific components of your website or implementing updates to ensure seamless compatibility.

Please note that our commitment to protecting your data remains steadfast. By utilising the latest technologies, such as PHP 8.1, we can safeguard your website against potential vulnerabilities and provide a secure environment for your valuable information.

We understand that the compatibility review may cause some inconvenience, but we are responsible for delivering the best possible service and ensuring your website's long-term success. Our team will work closely with you throughout this process to minimise disruption and assist whenever needed.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this review or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to address your queries and provide the necessary guidance.

Thank you for your continued trust in DigitalFlare Ltd. We appreciate your cooperation as we strive to enhance the performance and security of your website.

Regards, David Ferdinando