As of 2017 Facebook is tightening the ropes on unlicensed music...

In late 2016 Facebook developed an advanced copyright identification system similar to Youtube's looking to find videos with unlicensed music... In short, Facebook want to ensure they are not on the wrong end of an artist fight. This new and improved identification system rolled out in early 2017 and also targets fan-made cover versions of copyrighted music.

Many individuals and businesses have had content removed from their pages as a result and some users have been blocked from uploading any more videos / audio content.

Don't Ignore the Warnings...

Before your content is removed Facebook will pop-up an alert or a warning. There have been complaints that Facebook mobile-only users do not see this warning. The following warnings are issued to content admins:

You will also see the following messages too:

Your Page Could Be Blocked or Removed
If repeat infringement continues, Facebook will be required to block the ability to upload videos and photos to your Page. Ultimately, we could remove the Page entirely. The admin who posted the content has also been notified separately.

Review Your Page and Remove Any Infringing Content
You should delete all content that you don’t own the rights to or don’t have permission to upload. You can find further information about intellectual property issues in our Help Centre:

So what happens if you are blocked or your videos are removed?

Well, it could be a long wait... 365 days to be exact... (although some users have experienced much shorter blocks). Some Facebook individuals who have been blocked from uploading video content are now uploading video content via other platforms (i.e. circumventing the system) such as YouTube or Vimeo and then sharing the content on their pages this way. However, you can approach the issue head on and ask Facebook directly (email: if they can lift the ban. If you are an individual and added licenced music to family videos etc you should be able to simply quote the Copyright Law Act 1979 when responding to Facebook. "Under Copyright Law Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use. I can confirm that my videos are for entertainment (or educational) purposes only. No profit is generated as a result of our videos. Please reinstate my ability to upload video content. I will adhere to policies and respect Facebooks terms of service".

However, if you are a company, the chances are the above statement will not work if your videos are sales-driven. If so you will have to be seen actively removing any video content with licensed music (you can replace your audio tracks with royalty free unlicensed music, this may be a long process, but it will ensure your videos will remain in the future!). Once you have deleted or changed the videos you should contact Facebook once again, let them know what changes you have made and ask them if they can lift the ban.

Fundamentally this is a widespread issue. If you would like to learn more about what you can do there is a useful group where many others have been discussing this very topic!

Good luck!
David Ferdinando