Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. If you don't know much about Google Apps take a look at the Google Apps website here.

Many of our clients love to use Google Apps to mainly make use of Google's reliable email servers. There is nothing worse than having an unstable email account, or an account which is unsecured. But with Gmail, which is designed for security and reliability you can expect features such as two-step authentication, attachment viewing in the browser, encrypted connections to Google's servers, simultaneous replicated storage for your email, built-in disaster recovery, spam filtering and sender authentication.

The DigitalFlare team now offer a Google Apps setup service for businesses and individuals who wish to use Google Apps but who are unsure how to use FTP or modify Domain DNS and MX records. DigitalFlare charge a flat rate of £40 for setup*.
*This includes up to a maximum of 8 users/email accounts set up.

As you may be aware, Google Apps is no longer a free service, and Google charge approximately £3/month for each unique user (see the Google Apps website for current pricing) - But if you would like our team to help you get set up with Google Apps, you will first need to register for a Google Apps account yourself so you can handle future billing cycles... Once this is done, please let the DigitalFlare team know your login details and we can then proceed to set up your Google Apps account and guide you through the process.

Please follow the guide below which demonstrates the Registration process:

Step 1: Click 'Start Free Trial'.

Step 2: Specify your Company details.

Step 3, Define your Domain Address.

Step 4, Once you reach this screen, get in contact with DigitalFlare and let our team know your Apps login details.
We will then have everything set up to your exacting requirements.