Google has released its annual list of the year's most popular searches, offering another simple but revealing glimpse into the world's psyche. In 2016, money, music, and natural disasters took up the top three spots in the form of the searches "Powerball," "Prince," and "Hurricane Matthew." They're all deserving of attention: the Powerball jackpot in January was $1.56 billion — the biggest in the World; Prince, who died in April at the age of 57, was a titan of the music world; and Hurricane Matthew, which rocked the United States in late September and early October, is estimated to have caused 1,600 deaths and $10.5 billion in damage.

The Top 10 Searches are as follows:

  • 1. Powerball - Money makes the world go round, as they say. The almighty Powerball reached the top, setting the jackpot of $1.56 billion in January.
  • 2. Prince - Just as big as Michael Jackson regarding music legends. Prince, the superstar singer, sadly passed away this year. A massive spike in the search for Prince, making it in the top 3.
  • 3. Hurricane Matthew - Who would think a natural disaster would get in the top 3 of most trending topics on Google? Hurricane Matthew was an extremely destructive disaster which hit headlines around the world.
  • 4. Pokemon Go - Who would have ever thought Pokemon would make such a huge comeback with its gaming app? With top celebrity fans of this gaming app, this quickly made it to the top five most trending lists.
  • 5. - Some may not be familiar with this topic. This is an online game which is based on the well-known game Snake. Being multiplayer, it's been a success for the company that designed the online game.
  • 6. Olympics - The biggest sports event in the world always went into the top 5 of most search keywords. Whether it was for results, news or video clips, the Olympics 2016 held in Rio made a significant impact around the world.
  • 7. David Bowie - Another music legend we lost earlier this year. The British superstar was known for both his music and acting roles.
  • 8. Trump - Yes, the new president of the United States of America. With millions worldwide getting involved in the elections in America, it seems people also wanted to research the candidates – one being Donald Trump.
  • 9. Election - A big surprise for us as the election was behind Donald Trump but before Hillary Clinton. With the most significant election which took place in America, people around the world were all talking about it!
  • 10. Hillary Clinton - Last but not least, Hillary Clinton may not have made America's next president, but she did make the top ten of Google's most trending for 2016.