Whilst working on a new logo design for a client - we were asked to keep the logo simple and text-based (typographic) yet with a luxury feel. While researching, it quickly became apparent that many luxury brands (particularly fashion houses) have all started to converge... They have been swapping their time-tested logos for drastically minimal versions that might seem alike to the untrained eye. Brands such as Celine and Burberry, who have used the same logo for decades, are replacing their softer / rounder fonts with bold San-serifs.

Crazy to see this. (PS. The last four logos are not authentic, not yet, at least at the time of writing - these designs are merely a prediction by a designer who wishes to remain anonymous...)

Why is this?

Next question, why is this? We think it has something to do with the 'digital era' where 'less is more'. There is a need for a logo to register well in any browsing device, particularly given the vast shift to mobile... But also a way to evolve with the market and stay relevant. When designed chicly, San serifs can illustrate the companies they represent tastefully and legibly.

Suppose we look at the Burberry Logo as an example. In that case, Burberry is dropping the traditional heritage touches, much to fans' disgust on social media - the new logo now feels part of the website's UI. However, it's still strong and bold enough to be recognisable in isolation. A toned-down logo means Burberry's personality and style can shine through its clothing instead.

We recently designed the logo (pictured below) for a Property Finance company. Bold and neutral logos, especially for tech or corporate companies, communicate to customers that their services are simple, straightforward and straight to the point. For this company, their application forms etc., are provided through online applications. Therefore, removing the chaos of a complicated logo and having something as part of the apps' user interface (UI) makes sense, ultimately letting their services do the talking.

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