The rapidly-growing online automotive enthusiasts community – Carhuna – launched in the Spring of this year. The platform has been designed to revolutionise how vehicles are sold and marketed online. From the team which successfully delivered the Pop-up Museum of exclusive and rare cars a few months ago, Carhuna offers a digital solution for buyers and sellers which has not existed until now.

Our web and PHP developers are proud to have played a small part in the website by assisting the project developers with vehicle make/model data and by testing and creating the first API link between our long-term clients, DK Engineering and Carhuna. We opted for an hourly cron job that runs a PHP script to check for any vehicles internally marked to publish to Carhuna. Such vehicles have their content (photographs, video and descriptions) uploaded to the Carhuna server. Changes are also tracked and reflected for Classified ads.

Carhuna website

Live at; the platform provides classified adverts, the trade-focused Power Sell bidding tool, and online auctions. The platform has seen some exciting and rare vehicles from launch, such as the Porsche Carrera GT Zagato! (Side note: watch a brilliant video on the Porsche Carrera GT Zagato here).

With more people comfortable buying cars via an online auction environment, knowing that other auction participants underpin the price they are paying, the automotive digital marketplace continues to expand. With this shift in attitude, the Carhuna platform has been created to benefit dealers and all buyers. It is now supported by the leading names in the automotive retail industry, with more than 30 dealers already engaged, including JZM Porsche, The Octane Collection, Simon Drabble, Nicholas Mee & Co. and Clive Sutton,

"Carhuna is designed to make the day-to-day running of a dealership easier by providing listing capabilities that are transparent for the buyer whilst uniting a community of people passionate about cars," explains Andrew Hall, one of the founding members of Carhuna.

The Carhuna platform offers dealers comprehensive tools to simplify online sales. Users gain access to a community-driven marketplace where they can easily create listings. Private users can list their auctions or sell directly to dealers straightforwardly. In addition, remote users can connect with a wide range of reputable and well-established dealers and participate in trustworthy online auctions. Carhuna provides advanced dealer verification and additional benefits such as warranties to ensure peace of mind.

The Carhuna website on an iPad

The Carhuna Platform

The platform's extensive classified section consolidates the inventory of all registered dealers in a single, user-friendly location. This allows for a comprehensive search of specific vehicles across all dealers, consistently displayed with clear branding. Users can conveniently compare options without having to navigate through multiple platforms.

Upon launch, the platform introduces the groundbreaking 'Power Sell' feature. This unique bidding functionality caters to trade-focused transactions and includes a sealed bidding process. Users can add terms to their bids, and all transactions are processed promptly within a maximum of 72 hours. The service aims to establish an organic and transparent ecosystem that prioritises dealer-centric car trading.

The online auction facility of Carhuna will provide buyers and sellers unparalleled transparency and reassurance, surpassing existing platforms. Users will have clear visibility of the seller's identity, purchase details, estimated deal completion time, and specifics regarding the transaction process.

Visit to express your interest and stay updated with the latest information. We wish all individuals involved the best of luck with this exciting venture and hope the platform grows exponentially over the coming years.

Carhuna vehicle classified ads and auctions