Over the past few weeks, we have been privileged to work on a small information book of the Gulf Sponsored Porsche Carrera 2.7 Lightweight Chassis 9113601014 (known simply as RSL #1014). The book has since been printed and is available for purchase from selected retailers. The booklet displays some excellent period photos of the then-orange racer from the golden era of rally racing.

Porsche 2.7 RS Lightweight Chassis 9113601014

In order to produce the book, three separate vehicle owners of #9113601014 were interviewed about the Porsche racer and an array of historical photographs and newspaper clippings were amalgamated. We used both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign for the construction of the book and we instructed a professional photographer to provide some fresh imagery and tracking shots. We have a select number of physical copies of the booklet available for sale, but we have also uploaded a free e-booklet to the Porsche Carrera RSL #1014 9113601014 website.

Porsche 2.7 RS Lightweight Chassis 9113601014

This car is one of the very few rally cars to bear the famous Gulf Livery. It competed with great success at the famous Rally Targa Florio, the Rally 1000Miglia, Rally San Marino and Rally Modena to name but a few. The car became a legend; the press couldn't get enough of the charismatic charm of Sergio Schizzi throwing the Gulf Carrera RS around Italy’s most famous rally stages and who could blame them?

Porsche 2.7 RS Lightweight Chassis 1014

RS #1014 (Chassis: 9113601014) was originally supplied new in stunning Tangerine with Conversion 471 this is one of just 200 Fabled RS Lightweights. Tangerine or Blutorange (Blood Orange) has become iconic and synonymous with the mighty Carrera RS and its astonishing racing record. The colour is now widely acknowledged as the colour for any Carrera RS. Although initially raced in the car’s original Tangerine by 1976 the success of the car had attracted a number of high profile sponsors including Radio Padova and alloy wheel manufacturer 'Eta Beta', Glasses maker 'Nylor' and Zambelli, with these sponsors on board the car's livery was changed to White and Green. The car continued to race successfully and won the Northern Italian Rally Championship in 1976 and in 1977 the car won the Group3 Rally Alto Appennino Bolognese ('RAAB') a very famous and tough rally in which the car competed in on four different occasions! The car also contested the first three editions of the Rally Mille Miglia - these wonderful results attracted further sponsorship and the livery again changed this time the car would bear the most iconic motorsport Livery in history the as the car was painted in the famous Gulf Livery on of a small number of cars to compete in this livery the car contested the famous Targa Florio, the Rally 1000 Miglia, Rally San Marino and Rally Modena to name but a few. Throughout the 70s and early 80s, this RS #1014 became an Italian rally Icon. To learn more about chassis 9113601014 head over to DK Engineering who have previously offered the car for sale.

Porsche 2.7 RS Lightweight Chassis 1014 Gulf Livery

The book can be viewed for free here as an e-book or as a simple PDF download.